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i was reading a few posts from some friends and figured id make one myself.  its hard to believe i made this thing over a year ago but nonetheless, here we are.  ive probably posted in it like three times, and could care less about most of the posts on my friends page.  i am absolutely appalled that people still do quizzes.  like..... really? quizzes?  i remember in high school LJ quizzes where the coolest thing ever.  i myself have been guilty of doing a few of them back in the day.  i kept up with them until one day i realized that theyre pretty stupid.  theyre all basically the same questions and reading other peoples quizzes seemed less appealing once i realized i didnt give a fuck.  well somehow, those quizzes are still immensely popular among high school kids, only now theyre filling them out on myspace and posting bulletins.  then it hit me, how big of a loser was i, or any of us for that matter, to do any of these quizzes?  all they do is attempt to draw unnecessary attention to the quiz-takers themselves.  all of the stupid high school girls on my myspace that i remember from my revival days do like 3 a day, and i find myself wanting to strangle them for it.  is that normal?

myspace and facebook have been pissing me off anyway.  i still check the myspace about once a day, idk why.  i guess its out of habit.  the thing is that when i check it, i dont actually do anything.  no one leaves me messages or comments or anything, so im not on for long periods of time unless im lookin up a band or something.  facebook i hardly use cuz of all of the creepy stalker software on there, e.g. "Alex commented Dave" "Dave commented Suzy" "Suzy brushed her teeth" "Alex shot himself cuz of all of this stalker crap".  i mean really, do i really need to know what every single one of my friends is doing all the time?  i know theres gotta be some stupid high school girls that fucking love that shit, "oh you mean i can see what EVERYONE is doing ALL THE TIME and fucking SPY on them!! omglzzzz!!!"

in case you cant tell ive grown quite bitter towards high school aged individuals.  this is probably due in part to the fact that i see all of their bullshit on myspace, and another part due to the fact that i havent met one with an IQ above maybe 40.  if i meet anyone to change that theory, maybe ill ease up a bit.

onto more relevant things, life is going pretty ok i guess.  its nowhere near where it should be but things have improved a bit since the last post.  im no longer angry at all times anymore, i guess i was going through that phase when i made the last one.  ive actually been nicer and more pleasant at work for some reason.  i guess im just trying not to take my job for granted in light of this god awful economy.  still dont know what i ultimately wanna do with my life that wont have me ripping my hair out.  i have one semester left before i graduate with my bachelors in Radio/TV/Film.  im taking a bunch of gen ed courses as i may stay an extra year and get my masters in the science of teaching and become an elementary ed teacher.  im not sure if i really want that tho.  i just want a job where i can show up, work, and then go home and be done with it.  i am completely over college at this point.  theres nothing for me in RTF, ive wasted too much time and energy doing absolutely nothing to help my cause when i couldve been making contacts, joining clubs, and learning how to do things...

on a related note, that really irritates me more than anything.  the fact that ive completely wasted my education up to this point, and the semester i really need to get good grades i couldnt even bust my ass enough not to get c's.  im an average college student at best, which will hurt me more than anything.  all this time i kept thinking i was exceptional when all i did was become slow, lazy, and fell behind.

other stuff is ok i suppose.  i dont work much because the company cut hours due to the recession.  i get about two days a week and its not enough.  i will be on the market for a second job soon.  the lady situation is still absolute garbage.  i dont have the confidence to talk to practically anyone, and im rarely sober which doesnt help my cause.  band stuff is going ok, im in a new band called Searchlight Rescue.  its pop punk stuff, which is cool.  ive never gotten the opportunity to play pop punk when i was younger, so this is kinda making up for it, haha.  we are in the process of recording some tunes and whatnot, so well see how that goes.  hopefully kids are digging it.

well i could write a book here but ill stop now.  my computer cant handle me typing too much because its an old piece of crap, so i bid you adieu, livejournal.  until we meet again.


fuck livejournal.

so finally.... a real post

After being away from New Jersey for about a week, I'd almost forgotten how asinine some people can be about things.  Today was my first day back to work in two weeks, and about halfway through my shift, a  caucasian female customer with a little extra baggage and a small child, came up to the register.  The woman brought up four movies to rent, stated that she thought she had a free one.  Turns out that she got two free rentals, and all four movies for under $10.  However, upon finishing the transaction, this wasn't good enough, and she began complaining about how she was entitled to a free new release rental.  After my failed attempt at correctly explaining the information to her, and seeing that this lady was visibly starting to get an attitude with me, my manager came over and clarified that she would be entitled to a new release rental in the future, and not today.  Although I admit to not having the knowledge to correctly handle the situation (and thus fucking it up pretty badly), the lady still made me pretty angry.  Apparently getting two free movies isn't good enough for this bitch, she just needed to save that extra $5.  $5?! I'm sick of hearing people complain about black customers, these ladies are the worst.  These fucking 30-40 something bitches, who probably either don't work, or work a shit job like Blockbuster for "fun money" while they're really being supported by their husbands, and have nothing real to bitch about.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not about all women, just these idiotic ones that have nothing else to save their period up for then a few measley bucks saved on a stupid fucking movie.  I hope she can sleep well tonight knowing that eventually, she'll save that $5.  Give me a break, that money's probably gonna go towards a candy bar to feed your stupid kid anyway you cow.  It's things like that that make me dread impending adulthood, and the days when I get real serious about the Blockbuster Rewards program, or other equally unimportant shit.  That's my rant for today, I'm done now.

what the fuck?!

i don't know man.
i just don't know.

Top Albums of 2007

So it's that time of year again.  The time has come to decide my favorite albums of the 07 calendar year.  This year's list was a tough one to make, and some choices were very close.  I've scraped my brain several times over to come up with a list I can live with.  Alot of surprises on this one.  Anyway..... here it is!

Top 10 Albums of 2007
1. Say Anything - In Defense of the Genre
    This decision wasn't a hard one.  I had never really listened to Say Anything before this album, but it blew me away.  Good musicianship, amazing songwriting ability, deep, emotional lyrics, this album has all that and more.  The amazing thing is that the album never tires, even after 27 tracks.  Singer/songwriter Max Bemis is an absolute genius, hands down my favorite album of '07.
2. Circa Survive - On Letting Go
    Fast becoming one of my favorite bands ever.  Circa did everything they did right on Juturna, and then some.  Musically amazing, not to mention vocalist Anthony Green's cathartic vocal performance.  This band has perfected the perfect blend of guitar effects work with good songwriting.
3. Darkest Hour - Deliver Us
    By far, this was my favorite metal album of the year.  I was skeptical to see if they could even come close to matching the amazingness that is Undoing Ruin, but my skepticism was destroyed after the first track.  Blistering guitarwork, melodic riffing, pummeling drums and intense vocals make this album a more-than-worthy follow-up.
4. Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home
    I didn't know what to expect when I heard Dustin Kensrue was doing a solo album.  Although this is a far departure from Thrice, the country/folk influenced eight song album keeps the album short and simple, with earnest, heartfelt songwriting.  I definitely look forward to hearing more of his solo work in the future.
5. Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
    Not as many breakdowns on this disc, but alot more interesting song structures.  The unique rhythm section, riffy lead guitar work, and creative keyboard parts are all still there.  Vocalist Craig Owens still delivers his high-pitched melodies, and adds more low range to his screaming.  An all-around crowd pleaser.
6. Scary Kids Scaring Kids - s/t
    I have to swallow some pride on this, as I talked alot of shit on their first album (which I now like as well).  This album puts their previous release, The City Sleeps In Flames, to shame.  The guitars range from ethereal and chill to riffy and in-your-face, while the vocal melodies improved.  The choruses will stick in your head for the next week.  Great sophmore effort from these guys.
7. Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray
    I was looking forward to this one alot, as I fell in love with EOTC on their self-titled 5 song EP.  This album certainly didn't let me down          one bit.  Envy mixes and interesting combination of progressive and pop music, with a little post-hardcore thrown in.  This album would         be much higher on the list if the last four songs didn't kill the mood, but still overall a great album.
8. The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
    At first, I wasn't in love with this album, but after a few spins it grew on me.  Obviously the departure of guitarist/vocalist/programmer Casey Crecenzo didn't ruin the band's ability to write interesting, experimental prog rock.  Though the concept is a bit lofty, and the album drags in spots, TREOS' second album is most definitely worth a listen.
9. Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice
    I didn't listen to these guys until this year, but now I'm absolutely hooked.  The relaxing nature of their music is something that's easy to get into, no matter who you are.  Guitars and synth sweep in an out of your consciousness over top of a solid rhythm section that keeps you guessing.  Great album to sit and chill to.
10. From Autumn To Ashes - Holding A Wolf By The Ears
    Good to see these guys come back with an awesome record.  Their last two releases were unimpressive to me, and I was excited to hear about the departure of screamer Ben Perri, as I never really got into his parts.  Former drummer/vocalist Francis Mark steps it up as the new frontman, making catchy melodies.  The guitars are riffy and heavy, which is awesome.  If only these guys could pull it off live. :P.

Honorable Mentions
Paramore - Riot
    I have to admit, i was really into this album for about two months.  It's extremely catchy and hard to put down.  Paramore doesn't really reinvent the wheel   or anything, but this album will not leave you alone.
The Dear Hunter - Act II: The Meaning Of & All Things Regarding Mrs. Leading
    Former TREOS co-frontman Casey Crecenzo gets his second shot at prog rock on this album.  Although the 79 minute epic starts to drag at points, Crecenzo's songwriting ability is incomparable, as The Dear Hunter experiment with more styles of music than you could think of.
Dashboard Confessional - The Shade of Poison Trees
    I was really glad to hear this one.  The last two D/C releases were garbage, but I gave this a shot anyway and I'm glad I did.  Although it isn't a complete return to form, it reminds you more of the older, more passionate D/C records.  Good stuff.

Biggest Disappointments
1. Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vol. I & II:  Fire & Water
    I never thought I'd see the day when Thrice would be on this list, but here it is.  Even though I've begun to start to take a liking to this disc, and it's better than the other discs on this list, it's just not what i expect from one of my favorite bands ever.  Completely abandoning their past musical stylings, Thrice tries too much to be some weird indie band who's more concerned with making art for art's sake.  HUGE disappointment :(.
2. The Used - Lies For The Liars
    This album wasn't really that huge of a disappointment to me, as I never got extremely into The Used.  However, I felt it deserved a place here because i felt it to be the worst album of the year.  Total electronic garbage, save for maybe one song.
3. Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchors
    You really won't find a cheesier, lamer, wannabe-arena-rock-ripoff album than this one.  Atreyu took all their awesome riffs and blistering musicianship and took a crap on it to make completely emotionless, big shot cock-rock.  Lame as hell.
4. Cartel - s/t
    Despite having two extremely catchy songs that get lodged in your brain and won't stay away, this album kinda sucks.  The band may've recorded this album in the bubble, but that didn't stop the label from turning them into a stupid, generic pop-rock band.  I'm sure it'll sell loads of copies.
5. The Starting Line - Direction
    Vocalist/Bassist Kenny Vasoli is one of my favorite singers/songwriters, but it sounds like he smoked himself retarded for this one.  Nary a glimpse of the up-tempo, catchy pop-punk stylings of past releases.  What's left is a collection of weird rock songs and one slow ballad after another.  Better luck next time.

Feel free to disagree with me.


...has been pretty gay lately.
my throat is sore as anything.
as a result, i'm not in a very good mood because of it.
sore throat's always make me a little bummed out
i'd rather have a headache or something.
seriously.  it's so stupid.  so many people are overpaid in this country, specifically most famous people, such as actors or athletes.  now i'm not trying to disrespect athletes or actors at their craft, because i do believe that it's a skill and if someone's good at it, it's amazing to watch.  however, i could comprise a list of at least 100 or more jobs that i think are more deserving of those millions of dollars.  like a doctor to save lives, or maybe pay all jobs a little more.  for christ's sake, a third-string player in the NFL makes six figures.  SIX FIGURES!!!! lucky bastards.  i'd rather pay someone $900,000 a year to clean shit out of toilets.  our country is in national debt, but cameron diaz can still make millions of dollars for being in the same shitty romantic comedy where i'm suppose to believe she doesn't get fucked?!?! OF COURSE SHE GETS FUCKED, SHE'S CAMERON FUCKING DIAZ!!!  it's kind of crazy if you ever actually stop to think about what we could do with a tenth of what these people make.   even if you play one year in the NFL, and get your leg ripped off, you could live comfortably in a moderate sized house without being able to work for a substantial amount of time.  however, if joe pinchpenny boils his arm off at mcdonald's, he's fucked.  give that guy a little extra money so he can pay his child support on time.  or maybe a couple extra pennies to the guy that works at the bank who hates his wife.  let him get a hooker or something.  that's it, i'm done.  adios.

chef boyardee mac n cheese

So I was in the supermarket the other day and I stumbled upon a bunch of cans of new Chef Boyardee Mac 'n Cheese.  Yeah, it came in a can and everything.  Well I was intrigued, so I bought a can for myself to give it a test run.  I didn't expect much, as I'm sure most people who hear that Chef Boyardee started making Mac 'n Cheese wouldn't.  Needless to say, it falls far short of other Mac 'n Cheese greats, such as Kraft or Stover's.  Sorry Chef, try to get off the can and start working out the kinks in that Mac 'n Cheese.  Once he's got the formula down, there's nothing to stop him from taking over the canned food business for good.  Good Luck, Chef.


so trying to play quarterback with derek anderson (who's rating is a whoping overall 65) is more difficult than i'd imagined.  i may have to cancel my campaign as the benevolent cleveland browns.  it's a shame, because my defense is ridiculous (case in point, i held the high-powered cincinnati bengals to a mere 7 points).  i need a new team to play as.  other than the lack of madden skill, the only thing apparent at the moment is my boredom... and on that i really have no comment.  i wanna do something but new jersey is way too cold, i'm freezing in my own house.  here's hoping the frostbite doesn't get the best of me.  cheers.
-Coldy McCold
fuck tennessee and everyone from there.